Our Story | CBD Samurai

CBD Samurai is an east coast cannabis start up founded by friends who share a similar passion of providing natural solutions to a variety of physical and mental ailments. We believe that in many cases natural remedies are superior to artificial medicines. Therefore, we provide consumers with access to high quality natural remedies such as our cannabidiol (CBD) products. CBD has been shown to aid in the relief of a multitude of negative symptoms which are not limited to anxiety, stress, insomnia, and pain. We have experienced and witnessed first hand the miraculous benefits of some of these natural remedies. We chose CBD as our primary product due to its large array of healing benefits. We hope in the future to provide you with a variety of natural products that will fit each individual's needs.

Our CBD products come from the hemp plant (a member of the cannabis family) and have zero THC. These plants are harvested and refined to maximize the product's medicinal benefits. Unfortunately, this family of plants has had a troubled legal history. Recently, however, legislation was passed removing hemp from the Controlled Substances Act. This progress grants more consumers than ever access to a plethora of wonderful products provided by this plant. We hope and plan to advocate for further legal alleviation of the restrictions on these medicinal plants that have become vital for so many people.

Our Goal

Our ultimate goal is to provide you with high quality natural remedies. We strive to be a customer-oriented company by personalizing our services and products to fit your individual needs. We understand that not all products will work for everyone and we do not claim that CBD or any other natural remedy will be the solution for you. However, we realize that many people have benefited greatly from CBD and other natural medicines when modern medicines and remedies have failed them. The CBD Samurai Team is excited to bring you all natural products. We are always eager to hear from you, so please feel free to contact us at any time with questions or feedback!